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  1. Bruce

    Earls Court

    No, I'm sorry but I know it's four months since the last post on this topic, but I must insist that Wembley Arena is shit.
  2. Just booked up for the Marquee gig on Thursday 31st of this month wooooohoooo Anyone else going to that one?
  3. Might have to get a Reading day ticket for that day. Quality.
  4. hehe I still have my STP Brixton ticket from the same tour. They were incredible then Redd Kross ruled too I keep most of my ticket stubs. Missing some.....Levellers at Brighton Centre Freakshow in 1992 being the most notable :angry:
  5. just got back from Hammersmith. That was one seriously good gig
  6. Well Killers was '81 and Number Of The Beast was '82 and it was between those albums cos Bruce was singing on Number of the Beast
  7. hmmm wouldn't mind seeing The Dears :angry:
  8. Great band. utter class. Shit venue. :angry: utter shit :angry:
  9. Sheffield obviously inspired many of the great anthems of the mid 90s courtesy of Pulp, so it's alright in my book. Mind you, people go on about how London gets all the good events and big bands / one off shows etc etc....but when a band tours, the London date is nearly always more expensive than the same bill in a different area of the country
  10. Last night's gig in Hastings was absolutely marvellous. Like a sad bastard (according to a workmate of mine) I went down on my own from Horsham but it's great to do that kind of thing sometimes and to be honest even more sad if you have to go everywhere with someone else! The setlist they are playing on this tour is fantastic - a real mixture of old & new, but I think more of the old stuff . First time I've seen that at their own gig since 1995 at Worthing Pavillion and it was spot on. Still highly recommended - a great live band
  11. It needs to be, with more character. Although that will always be tough for a venue with such a wide variety of events held there. I'll reserve judgement until I go there next (If I ever do, I fear the damage is done). I just don't get on with that place now. The thing is, if you see a band there and then go to Brixton Academy (for example) or Earls Court (not ideal, but a comparitively same-sized venue) then you don't want to go back to Wembley.
  12. I thought Sum 41 were pretty good at Reading in 2002. Maybe I was lashed, but they rocked actually. But then The Hives came on and shat all over them.
  13. Bruce


    Wouldn't surprise me at all if they played there next year. Perfect sized venue and it's actually not bad, apart from the fact that it's in Milton Keynes Saw Guns n' Roses there in 1993 and whilst it has probably changed a fair bit since then, I thought it was ok. To be honest though, don't care where U2 play, I just want to see them again.
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