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  1. DMG Promotions In Association With White Men Cant Funk! Proudly Presents.... FUNKTION - LIVE & UNLEASHED IN THE UK 2008! Well all you gorgeous male and female ‘Funksters’, the time is almost upon us as White Men Can’t Funk Promotions proudly presents a seminal moment in the resurging live music scene right here in the north of England. After careful consideration and some hefty planning behind the scenes of some of the North’s best live music venues, we have finally managed to come up with a brand new format for live music. It takes the form of a networking showcase event, which caters for the very best in up and coming, fresh, talented and young Funk/Soul and Jazz musicians to ply their wares to an unassuming but friendly crowd of knowledgeable music connoisseurs! Funktion is all about giving young bands of all experiences a chance to shine and revel in a live music venue and line-up that is particularly suited to three specific genres. These are Funk, Soul and Jazz. There is an introduction, a middle and finally an end to proceedings of all these events, so every audience member will get a real flavour and history of the bands on show. It gives a real opportunity for the audience to find their own way historically through these genres via each particular new band that plays. Each musician and audience participant that gets involved with these events will be brought face to face, up close and personal with not only their peers but also, a intimate environment of musical class where each person will feel truly educated and enthralled by what they are witnessing. Funktion aims to highlight the growing talent and repertoire of live Funk, Soul and Jazz musicians performing in today’s ever changing musical landscape here in the North of England. We will bring some of the very best bands/artists to each event making sure we have a well-balanced, structured and cultivated line-up that conforms coherently. Each venue has been carefully and thoughtfully identified and placed within our monthly events schedule as we endeavour to bring the music to the people instead of the people to the music! There will be something for everyone who truly appreciates live music in an adult but fun environment, as one of Funktion’ main purposes is to educate and amaze all those who are susceptible to well founded and grounded beats of all things, chunky, funky and down right naughty. Hence why we have at the forefront of all the events, a band of real substance and technical ability that go by the name of White Men Can’t Funk! Only formed 8 months ago, these bad as funksters, come from very varied musical backgrounds, ranging from jazz influences right thru to classical fields, which allow the band to draw on and create their own very unique high energy funk sound, which at times has a rather warm northern soul edge to it. Highly polished yet raw and impromptu performances have indeed set these boys aside from the usual funk/soul bands around and have gained them rave reviews from some of the very best, live music venues the north of England has to offer. Constantly in demand and rebooked these boys want world domination and they want it now, because they sure as funk know how to keep the party stomping well into the early hours of the morning! So you can bet your bottom dollar there worth they’re weight in gold! So now you know where we are coming from ladies and gents, it’s almost time to reveal the new kid on the block! So ‘Funksters’ all over the world, join hands as we look to create the love train of the century. Followers of fashion, we give to you the one the only FUNKTION! PLEASE NOTE THERE HAS BEEN SOME AMENDMENTS DATE WISE TO THE POSTER THAT YOU WILL FIND BELOW THAT AREN'T CURRENTLY ON THE POSTER THAT YOU SEE BEFORE YOU, BUT THESE CHANGES WILL BE ADDED TO THE NEW BATCH OF FLYERS&POSTERS DUE OUT VERY SHORTLY, SO DO PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS THAT ARE BELOW BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL CORRECT! Doors Open: 7pm All Events Start: 8pm-Late Ticket Details: Advance Tickets £4 each (can be purchased by calling Dan Or Nick Mobile Tel: Dani:07853217425 / Nick: 07792897656) On The Door: Students With ID £4.50 each Adults £5 each 1st Monday Of Month Starting Mon 4th Feb - Soundpeople & WMCF Promotions Proudly Present, FUNKTION - LIVE @ Trash, 9a Albion Street, Leeds, LS1 5AA, Tel: 0113 2468899.WWW.MYSPACE.COM/SOUNDPEOPLE * 1st Wednesday Of Month Starting Wednesday 6th Feb - FUNKTION - LIVE @ The Primrose, 280 Meanwood Road, Meanwood, LS7 2HZ, Tel: 2621368. http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/THEPRIMROSEPUB * 2nd Sunday Of Month Starting Sun 10th Feb - FUNKITON - LIVE @ Carpe Diem, Calverley Street, Leeds, LS1 3ED, Tel: 0113 2436264. http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/CARPEDIEMLEEDS * 2nd Wednesday Of Month Starting Weds 13th Feb - FUNKTION - LIVE @ The Fenton, 161 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 3ED, Tel: 0113 2450624 * 3rd Wednesday Of Month Starting Wednesday 20th Feb - FUNKTION - LIVE @ The Royal Park Cellars, 39 Queens Road, Leeds, LS6 1NY, Tel: 0113 2741758 http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/THEROYALPARKCELLARSMUSIC * 4th Sunday Of Month Starting Sunday 24th Feb – FUNKTION – LIVE @ Upstairs @ The Library Pub, 229 Woodhouse Lane, Woodhouse, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 3AP, Tel: 0113 244 0794 http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/UPSTAIRSATHTELIBRARYLEEDS * 4th Tuesday Of Month Starting Tuesday 26th Feb - FUNKTION - LIVE @ The Snooty Fox, Brunswick Street, Wakefield, WF1 4PW, Tel: 01924 374455 http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/SNOOTYFOXLIVE Please be advised that despite our earlier posters and flyers stating a gig at the Library Pub on the 1st Sunday of every month is taking place. We are currently in negotiations to reschedule this accordingly, so please look out for further details regarding this particular event! For a list of confirmed bands playing at each of these events please go to http://www.myspace.com/whitemencantfunk for an update on the progress of each line-up! Attention, attention!! Calling all Funk/Soul/Jazz Bands with the F-Factor…… Would you like to play a 30-45 minute set with your band at some of Yorkshire’s leading live music venues, in front of a musically astute and friendly crowd of people? If you think you put the ‘’F’’ in ‘’Funk Factor’’ and can hold your own, maybe even want to get some performance experience outside of rehearsals or music college or Universities, then please email us at white-mencantfunk@hotmail.co.uk or send us a message via Myspace to http://www.myaspace.com/whitemencantfunk as soon as possible, as slots for 2008 are filling up fast people! Please be aware that these are NOT paid gigs but a chance for you and your band to gain performance experience, to try out new material, to get extra national and local Promotion via the media for free etc. Attention, attention!! Calling all Venues/Promoters…. Would you like to play host to one of our special events, if so please do not hesitate to get in touch with either promoter Dani MG or Nick Whatman. Website: http://www.myspace.com/whitemencantfunk Email: white-mencantfunk@hotmail.co.uk Phone: Dani: 07853217425 Nick: 07792897656 But in the mean time people, keep it real but more importantly keep it funky, because FUNKTION is coming to a venue near you next month!! Sop please keep a look out for full event/venue line-ups which should be confirmed by the end of this week! WMCF
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