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  1. Bit late I know, but anyone else there tonight? Promises to be a good'un
  2. wicked! is that the same support for the rest of the tour? both top bands
  3. bus

    The Junction

    i wish tickets just booked for the 22nd, so we'll be there Halls, Sally, DW, come on then guys, it'll be great
  4. tickets booked for Cambridge on the 22nd
  5. bus

    The Junction

    Cool, I'll have my people talk to your people
  6. hmmm, could well be in for oxord, northampton and scunthorpe (scunthorpe???)
  7. bus

    The Junction

    oooh! New Model Army....could be quite tempted by that - they were right good at beautiful days. Anyone up for a beautiful days reunion night in Cambridge in December then?
  8. bus

    Wedding Present

    excellent smithers, i bloody love the wedding present...and playing near me too - truly life is good...
  9. bus

    Happy Mondays

    Theres a thread on efestivals about the mondays maybe playing a one off gig in nottingham, anyone know anything about it?
  10. Asian Dub Foundation levellers PJ Harvey Killing Joke ministry
  11. bus

    Dirty Sanchez

    nearest one to me is cambridge...tempted.....
  12. bus


    going for the first time in about 4 years in a few weeks..look forward to seeing how it's changed
  13. bus


    now either nottingham or possibly brighton for me...not sure...
  14. Much against my better judgement, I'll be going to this rawk spectacular, anyone else?
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