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    Emo music, screamo music, gigs, web development, cars...
  1. soEMO.co.uk

    Cardiff Barfly :(

    Anyone miss it as it closed fairly recently. I went to some great gigs at this small venue!
  2. soEMO.co.uk

    forums upgraded

    Even though it's a very minor issue I thought I'd let you know. On the page where you add a reply the links in the Quick Access panel break out the box layout a bit. I'm using Google Chrome.
  3. soEMO.co.uk

    Eminem - Not Afraid

    I'm happy the latest album is as good as his older work
  4. soEMO.co.uk

    emo band name

    So many bands end up being classed at 'emo' these days. However, personally I agree with most of those in your list as being 'emo' or 'screamo'. Read more about emo screamo music on my site: www.soemo.co.uk
  5. soEMO.co.uk

    top 10 emo bands

    Yea I agree! Some people just don't bother trying to understand..
  6. soEMO.co.uk

    WeVee - Archive Video Mash-Up Tool

    I have been on the site before and it looks pretty good.
  7. soEMO.co.uk

    Ibiza Rocks

    I hadn't heard of this Ibiza Rocks before so thanks for introducing it to me :]
  8. soEMO.co.uk

    Lostprophets - Shame on you Lee Tyrell!!

    Just read the interesting review myself... Lostprophets aren't exactly my favourite band but they do have a number of memorable songs and aren't bad live!
  9. soEMO.co.uk

    wil emos be forgotin???

    Judging by the continued growth of my emo scene community site www.soEmo.co.uk the subculture/stereotype or whatever you want to call it is still booming.
  10. soEMO.co.uk

    Band of Skulls

    Sounds interesting. May check out the Birmingham gig :]
  11. soEMO.co.uk

    Well, well, well!

    I'm from the West Midlands and agree with scratchy on those venues. All pretty decent.
  12. soEMO.co.uk

    Brum academy

    Heya I'm actually from near Kidderminster, which is a 40min train ride away. It says your from the USA though so are we on about the same Birmingham in the UK?
  13. soEMO.co.uk

    A Salute to Dropkick Murphys for his guitar

    Never really got into Dropkick Murphys, but that song might make me check out more from them :]
  14. soEMO.co.uk

    Biggest live disappointments?

    Taking Back Sunday - Sonisphere @ Knebworth UK. I like a lot of their songs, but they were weak live. I'm not sure if the main guy had a bad throat, there were issues with the sound setup or they just aren't that great at a festival.
  15. soEMO.co.uk

    Brum academy

    If you didn't know already the current venue for the O2 Academy Birmingham is being demolished. From the end of September, the new venue will be to the former Dome nightclub premises in Bristol Street.