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  1. dave2004


    Yeah thats true well i guess we both have the same feeling then about this its time something is done about it
  2. yeah i was thinking this when going to post the 36 crazyfists tour dates
  3. Yea it was with the Chilis, i was pretty drunk at the start and im telling you all Electric 6 are one hell of a band to sing along with when your drunk, but i think having to watch PJ Harvey may have sobered me up and it put me off my hyperness which wasted QOTSA a bit but Foo's and Chili's were F*CKIN great
  4. Yea i seen them on Glasgow Green in 2003 they were great
  5. Thats good news ill be going to see them at the Barras in Glasgow
  6. Thats exactully what i was thinking once at the Glasgow Barrowlands once on Glasgow Green and im hoping they are coming back next summer so i can see them that 3rd time PLEASE COME BACK FOO'S!!!!
  7. dave2004

    Motley Crue

    Just thought there after my last post how much id love to see them at Download that would be great anyone else want/think they will be plaing download next year they have that weekend free so its a possibility but i could affect their own tour ticket sales
  8. dave2004

    Motley Crue

    I dont have my ticket just yet but i think ill be going to Glasgow as well
  9. Well they are playing Oxegen in Ireland in 2005 so who thinks they will have a UK tour 05??? I really want them to come to Scotland again
  10. dave2004

    Motley Crue

    Yup i knew it would happen they were just wanting the hype
  11. dave2004

    Motley Crue

    Feels like your the only one posting here! the crue are closing down a street on this coming tuesday to do the press conference to say they are back together
  12. I seen them in may at the SECC in Glasgow great band but not amazing live to tell the truth i would still like to see them again though
  13. Not long now, i dont actully have any idea who this support is then never heard of them but im not really into that type of music except the beastie boys who just rule
  14. dave2004

    Blink 182

    BLINK AT THE GLASGOW SECC TONIGHT i'm kinda hyper about it now by the way but admin is kinda drpressing though im getting off school at 2.30 to go to Blink at 3.30 get drunk and get an alright place in the que
  15. dave2004


    If im going ill be going to Glasgow but ill leave it last minute and make sure they aint announced to play download first as that comes first and if they are playing well im not that big a fan id see them twice but would love to see them so we'll wait and see
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