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  1. yes its back this year - prodigy are playing - what would you rather do - see them on a small-ish stage under the open sky with about 900 other people or the following week go and see them at milton keynes bowl with 50,000 other people ? bit of a no brainer why would you wish it failure ? - i assume your wish for failure also applies to every other single festival/gig in the world that has bands on that you dont like ? i hate music snobs
  2. you have no idea do you? you fall into the same trap every other lazy journo does ibiza=clubbing ergo without clubbing the island doesnt have anyone - except that er.... sorry - mate - the figures dont add up - there are 4 million tourists on the island every year - clubbers account for 20% - even my basic maths can work out that is not a majority sorry you couldnt get to see the view, holloways, css & kasabian - as we did tonight (and tomorrow) and then LCD Soundsystem on wednesday, and then the enemy and fratellis, mark ronson etc etc (oh and did i mention arctic monkeys?) - maybe you can see them in a fuckin huge venue and pay the same...
  3. iron maiden with paul diano - 4.50 in about '90 at the hammy odeon ok, so im over 30..
  4. no, i live here its now in its 3rd year and live music has been growing for er 6/7 years to the extent that now you can either go to earls court etc etc or go and see the same band in a small venue and do that while youre on holiday in the sun bit of a no brainer if you ask me do you know about benicassim - its the same principle - you go away for some sun and best of all you get to see a live band i know the people behind ibiza rocks and i know why they are doing it youre just trying to justify which you now realise was, to be frank, a bit of an art wank piece of journalism i stand by my original reply, whether you like or not live music has always been a part of the island - the problem is that for the past 10 years stories about clubbing, hedonism etc etc sells papers and are easy news stories if you knew anything about anything you'd realise that where do you live? oh please, youre from dorset and do stirling university...
  5. more and larger pics from all 4 gigs so far at our gallery
  6. god i wish you knew what the fuck you were talking about how often do you go on holiday and see live bands ?? no huge acts? kasabian, arctic monkeys, fratellis how much is the price of seeing arctic monkeys in a cavern like earls court compared to seeing them in a small 500 person venue?? can you do that in the uk?? you're no better than every other lazy journo who when faced with the word "ibiza" trot out the usual pissed up drug brits - i'm not saying they are not here but the island is sick of being tarred with the idea its just clubbing and san antonio
  7. its fairly obvious after reading your review it wasnt so much a review of ibiza rocks as a review of the last few days of last years last summer gigs minority taste???? - do the sums - who sells more or attracts more? paul van dyk or the arctic monkeys, carl cox or the kaiser chiefs, the thing that most people fail to realise is that although "clubbing" gets 90% of the press off the island but clubbers only account for about 20% of the tourists and they spend fuck all outside of the clubs live music has been here since the 60's and now with "clubbing" beginning to get tired and stale over the past few years its no wonder that one of the original "club nights" on the island have recognised where things are going (cf the 2 small mtv festival days and then the main one at privilege a few years back) everyone thinks that everyone on the island is here because they want to go clubbing every night - if that were the case then why is only pacha open in the winter on only fri & sat ? there is a very healthy music scene here outside of the summer and its great that andy et al are pushing it during the summer and trying to change perceptions weve been every week this year and its been great - with all the crap thats been going on here with the clubs its refreshing not to see gurning twats off their face but just people enjoying themselves to live music be cynical if you want but it's you who is missing out
  8. all of the photos so far from ibiza rocks in a new gallery: here we'll be down at css & go team tomorrow
  9. really enjoyed vinny vinny and the holloways - larger and more on the blog tomorrow afternoon
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