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  1. I thought this gig was gonna be ok. was going there with the band. got herded ourt into the " whatever it is " waiting area. time for a drink. bought a drink & was wrong changed by £10 - it cost me £12.50 for my 1st pint ? :-( :-( ??????? 1st person at the bar - easy to check the till you would think. Oh no - have to wait for the manager - quite a few customers later & loads of money in & out of the till.. " No I must have spent it on the entrance fee", NO F***ing way ROBBING Bastards.. Go to Times Square - less hassle, better bands - Oh Yes & chance of catching bands from 53 degrees over road. having a pint with locals :--)))) Last time at venue - yes - well the Mill was SHIT Too - you knew that already
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