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  1. Saw them at Leeds Fest and got their album imported from America, they're awesome. Anyone seen them or going to see them? Gonna see them at Lancaster and Manchester with Ordinary Boys. Check them out at: Bedouin Soundclash They play some awesome reggae.
  2. Cumbrian unsigned bands Self-Titled, Deadspace and Indigo Skins will be playing at the Brickyard in Carlisle on Thursday 18th August. So if you just got your exam results then come and celebrate/commiserate at the Brickyard (opening at around 8pm). You can hear the bands here: Self-Titled on Myspace - Self-Titled Official Website Deadspace on Myspace Indigo Skins Official Website Cheers.
  3. Yeah, was pretty cool. Seemed like they enjoyed it loads as well, it was just a great night for everyone, just so much good fun.
  4. Nah, can't think of you, I was in a grey Flogging Molly t-shirt with a skull and crossbones on it. I gave Dave King a packet of crisps called "Salty Dog" halfway through the set.
  5. Was an awesome night, sorry didn't meet up with you craigybaby, we were in Krobar before hand just didn't have a clue who you'd be. I asked a few random people and one said yes he was, then told my bro he didn't have a clue what I was on about. Ah well, great gig.
  6. Tomorrow, what time we meeting craigybaby in Krobar then?
  7. Definatly, do you reckon they'd get a stand in violinist? Wouldn't be the same without one. Yeah up for starting around 4.
  8. Why what else is there to do on Oxford Road? Just drink? Maybe shouldn't be on Guinesses though it's St Georges Day.
  9. Erm I didn't realise they were ska, just listen to them for the first time and they're awesome. Go to www.punkrockvids.com and theres a live video in the downloads section.
  10. From what I heard of Dead Pets they're pretty average, unlucky with the tickets, I thought they'd sell out quick though.
  11. Hmm, don't know, what time shall me and Jim get to yours Andy, it is a Saturday so we could come earlier (still not sure how we're getting down yet).
  12. It's just near the Academy, on the other side of the road though, can't miss it.
  13. Yeah, just found out, the Briefs sound weird and the Dead Pets sound crap, it's sold out in Manchester.
  14. There's four of us going I think, probably have a few Guinesses during the day to get in the mood, then go to see the best live band around. Anyone know who's supporting yet?
  15. Awesome minds think alike. Or whatever the saying is.
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