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  1. i knew i had heard the name somewhere!!!!!
  2. definatly not!!!! saw them earlier in the year at birmingham....and was bored mayb something to do with being in the seating section though
  3. NME mentioned that they have booked place for summer gigs??? does this mean then they wont be doing a summer festival?
  4. Mooney Suzuki will be playing the coventry colosseum on dec 9th its part of the club night though.....quid extra 2go in2side room to see them just fort ill tell people as im SO xcited about seeing them....been wanting to see them for ages. Also the cribs are playing there on a different night
  5. 1. Green Day (leeds 04) 2. Razorlight (brum academy 04) 3. chili's (hyde park 04) 4. dashboard confesional (brum academy 04) 5. Brand new (brum academy 04)
  6. sugarcult aren't supporting! anyone got any other idea's?
  7. im going! standing tickets (nia) and hoping to get some MK bowl tickets next week (they still avaliable on www.gigsandtours.com)....hate being skint!
  8. I missed it on saturday a recent crisis of money and all...so unfair! but should be at the collie 4 cheese nite on friday... in my dracula costume ... o, and just gettin my babyshambles (28th november - collie) and kasabian (14th december - academy) woooooo! may get green day tickets for milton keynes, but feel greedy as got standing tickets for NIA anyway!
  9. add the collie!!! club in coventry, www.coventrycolosseum.co.uk has bands on a saturday nite, this weekend its....the others weekend after....... selflish c**t! babyshambles and FIGHTSTAR (busted side projecT) coming up soon! give coventry at least somewere on this site
  10. ive seen them 3 times this year (april, leeds and then 23th oct) and seeing them 4th time at manics, gr8 live band were u seeing manic's, birmingham 4 me!!! dont seem 2 b selling very well though
  11. saw them at birmingham academy 2! great live set, kaiser chiefs up staged them! they were indeed AMAZING!!!! can't wait for more kaiser chief shows
  12. ok, babyshambles are playing at the coventry colosseum on november 28th!!!! 7pm doors.... just fought i would say as im probably missing them as at snow patrol, unless they come on after 11pm like medicine bar i can pray!
  13. aren't they supporting the thrills aswell???
  14. WOW, i shud b going on saturday with a few m8s!!! i so love it ther, only 2nd saturday ive been to though! u post on collie site aswell? i do sumtimes, bu gets a lil boring...... u seeing selfish c**t nxt week??? i fink i will jus 2 see wat the hype bou (crap hype i no) u work at collie or jus street team 4the others?
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