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  1. very much on the up at the moment. Hosts the like of Buzzcocks, Endorse-it festivals, Tenpole Tudor, The Levellers , Senser ( 12th MAy!! )- I could go on and on.
  2. Flounder


    Yep - we're at it again!! Senser will be playing at The Cheese and Grain in Frome on 12th MAY - not a festival this time, but a straight forward gig - teenagers welcome!!! 4bands over the evening, early doors! It's all for a measley £10
  3. Flounder

    Zion Train

    Don't fret mate - it's that Molara has left to pursue her solo stuff. ZT are still going strong with Dub Dadda on vocals. ( Both can be seen at Endorse-it btw ) We love 'em so much we want 'em for 2007 - watch efests for details.
  4. Still recovering from a brilliant set from SubGiant last night. To cut a long story short - SubGiant come on - noone is dancing SubGiant come off - everyone has been dancing for the last 45mins absolutely superb. And apparently their now booked to suppport Eat Static at the same venue!
  5. Alas this is now no longer the case as the music from upstairs was disturbing the wine sipping types downstairs.
  6. Portishead at Ashton Court a few years back - could've been at home with the CD on and had more atmosphere
  7. No its all fine. Gigs are going on upstairs apparently and downstairs is being/has been done up. Lamma ( from Pronghorn) is running the band side of things here and at several other venues across Bournemouth - goto Pronghorns website to be able to contact him - expect to see the likes of Pronghorn, The Highliners, Farcue etc before Xmas(although I think the Highliners has just been)
  8. Flounder


    Pronghorn are organising an 11Day tour over in Holland. This will take place over 3-14thMarch and may well take in famous Melkweg in Amsterdam. What a great excuse to get over to Holland to smell the tulips Check here for further details and for dates nearly every weekend in the UK
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