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  1. Woo I'm going on the friday!
  2. Nah they'll die EDIT: Ewan I know what you mean! well annoying, I hope they do this time. its like Greenday at leeds, They didnt play good riddance!!
  3. I used to live in manchester, would be great if i still did because i go to all my gigs there...however I wouldn't have gone to any gigs because if i hadn't had moved then I wouldn't have found music...so it's a no win situation
  4. I really really wanted to go, but as soon as I found out they had a tour they were sold out. damn I need to get to more gigs...
  5. haha yeah I cracked up when I heard that!! isn't avril lavigne getting married to that dude from sum41?
  6. I don't have anyone to go with, I'd quite like to go though, but its scary with all these people around, and I'm there on my own
  7. really does show how shallow people can be if they were surrounded my females (the girls I mean) groupie stylee probably? I guess they were protesting I have to admit that I have a wierd thing for one of them though..the one called danny I thinK? should I know his name...no perhaps not
  8. absolutely awesome band I <3 JEW, not seen them at concert though, would love to.
  9. Bloody Hell! £15!? just checking the prices...Bands that people actually like are selling for around £11 at the academy
  10. I think I may well go if I can find anyone to go with...
  11. Yey I'm going!! I booked my tickets ages ago! *is obsessed*
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