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  1. Just moved down here from near birmingham to go to the uni, making me semi-local i guess? Are there always this many big(ish) bands playing? Seems like quite a lot for a small city.
  2. Some of those have changed venue now 5co77i3: The following are now definately in the Great Hall: Thu 14 Oct HIM (His Infernal Majesty) Fri 15 Oct Delirious? and i think hundred reasons and motorhead might also have been moved. Added to the list is: Fri 15 Oct Rahzel JUNGLE BROTHERS 24/11/2004 DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN 01/12/2004 BAD MANNERS 06/12/2004 LAMB OF GOD 08/12/2004 Seem to remember that the damned are playing as well? Not sure when though Mango
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