Howard Marks

The End, London on Wednesday 24 May 2000

We caught up with the infamous Howard Marks (also known as Mr. Nice) - check out his website here - at Musik's 5th Birthday @ The End, just 3 days before Homelands England.

Are you going to any festivals?

I might be going to Homelands on Saturday night if Sean Ryder's going, 'cause we're supposed to be performing together.

What will you be doing?

I just talk shite.

Do you think festivals now draw much from those in the 60's?

Yeah I think they have, and it's been very interesting for me as I've been to every fucking festival in this country... but I don't like seeing the bands at the festivals, I prefer to see them in concert venues, but I like all this sort of side stuff, stalls and that...

What else do you do at festivals?

Get stoned! [laughs]

What's your weirdest experience at a festival?

Taking 2CB and ecstasy with my daughter when we went to Glastonbury... I was trying to put my jacket on my legs...

Do you camp?

I'll just crash out near what seems to be a tent, but I don't worry much about where I sleep.

What's your favourite ever festival?

Best one I've ever been to was the Isle of Wight, a very early one, they were the fun ones. The concerts in the bullrings in Spain are good too.

What's changed?

Everything! Drugs, people, sex and music. But it changes for the better.

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article by: Butterfly

published: 25/05/2000 13:19