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before going out on the road to show their wares on the Festival circuit on Wednesday 1 June 2011

Quintet Midas Fall hailing from Manchester caught up with eGigs before going out on the road to show their wares on the Festival circuit and European Tour in October, we caught up with Vocalist Liz for a chat:

Who are Midas Fall?
We are Liz (vocals) Rowan (guitar, occasional piano) Simon (piano, synth, guitar) and Pedro (drums).

'Eleven, Return and Revert' was released in 2010 to rave reviews from the likes of 'Rock Sound' and 'Is this Music', what would you say were the stand out tracks on the album and why?
'MovieScreens' has been quite a popular track, it was used on BBC3's Lip Service and the response to that was fantastic. 'Bright Lights Will Harm No-One' and '17' are personal favourites.

You've been described as Alternative Pop/Rock, does this accurately describe your genre?
I don't know about the 'pop' element, 'Fog Sky Nun' is a bit of a pop song, but then that was only ever recorded as a joke! I think there's a lot more post-rock influence in there than pop influence, though Liz does have something of a (now not very) secret appreciation for Celine Dion.

You've been compared to Bat for Lashes and Explosions in the Sky, what d'you think about this?
Well we all love both EITS and Bat for Lashes, so to be compared to either artist is very flattering indeed.

You've just played Dark Spring festival in Berlin, what was that like and how do you think it will compare to playing GO.GO Festival?
Dark Spring was great fun, the crowd were very welcoming and a we all had an amazing time there, it's definitely whetted our appetite for GoGo!

Are you looking forward to playing GO.GO Festival and who are you looking forward to seeing?
We're all very excited about playing GoGo, the line up is great and in particular we're looking forward to Uh Huh Her and The Locals.

Can we expect another album from you?
Yes, we have an EP set for release later in the year, around September / October time, followed by European tour and then another album next year. Well, that's the plan anyway!

What do you enjoy about being in a band?
Cake. Every practice one member brings a cake, and usually it's awesome cake, except for when Pedro turns up with a 99p swiss roll – not a cake!

You've recently supported Heather Peace and Jill Jackson what was this like?
It was good fun, both the dates we supported them on were sold out, so there were definitely some pre-show nerves!

What d'you like most Song writing, recording, touring; or just the whole process?
Writing is fun, except for those awkward 'creative differences''s daggers at dawn then. Recording our album was a nightmare as we'd never recorded ourselves before and every tiny thing was a learning curve, but new recordings are proving to be quite enjoyable, and far less likely to induce aneurysms, except maybe for when Liz starts mixing...

We've not toured with our new line up yet, though we did make a trip over to Germany for Dark Spring which revealed some things which could become an issue while touring; Pedro needs fed and cigarretted every hour or he gets faint, Simon DOES snore, Rowan is likely to blow the fuel budget on cakes so keep an eye on the cash and Liz is a massive diva who inadvertently throws strops just to.

Midas Fall Play GOGO Festival, Saturday 18th June, Main Stage:

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article by: Michelle Owen-Williams

published: 01/06/2011 20:56

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