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whilst on tour on Thursday 14 April 2011

Twenty Twenty are a trio who are based down South and are currently touring with Teeny Bopper sensations The Wanted, Egigs caught up with them on tour.

For people who haven't heard of Twenty-Twenty could you give us a quick bio? [Who's in the band? How did you get together? Etc.]
We are a 3 piece pop-rock band from Essex/Cambridge. There's Sam who is lead vocalist and guitarist, Jack plays bass and backing vocals, and Sonny plays drums and backing vocals.

We formed in Feb 2009 after Jack and Sam decided to take a year out from education to try their hand at music and met Sonny through a friend during their year out; after writing and jamming in the studio for a few months we started touring on the independent circuit and built ourselves up through self-promotion before being signed to Geffen early this year.

Why is the band called 'Twenty-Twenty'?
The main reason is that we came up with the name at 8:20pm (20:20), and we all liked the word Twenty anyway!

You have been signed by Geffen Records and have released a mini album to whet peoples appetites, what was it like working with Julian Emery and Charlie Holmes, who have previously worked with McFly, Lissie and The Saturdays between them?
It was a fantastic experience. It's really refreshing and fun working with such talented producers, and they completely understood what we were going for when we wrote and recorded the songs, we couldn't have asked for a better result to be honest!

How would you describe your genre/music?
We would say it's guitar filled pop-music. Obviously we are a band and play our own instruments, but at the same time it's just fun, catchy pop music!

Out of the 8 songs which feature on the mini album – 'Small Talk' which one’s are your favourites and why?
Ah! Such a hard question! We love them all equally as they're different in their own way. If we had to pick 3 we would say 'Love to Life' because its an anthemic dancey pop-rock tune that everyone can sing along to, 'Get Down' because we know everyone loves to party and that's what the song makes you wanna do, and 'The Puppeteer' because it's a bit slower and a bit more emotional than the other songs on the mini-album.

'Love To Life' is your forthcoming single, what's the story behind the song?
The song is about the chemistry you have when you meet that special someone for the first time and want to 'bring that love to life'! But we've wrapped it in an upbeat sing-along tune that everyone can get involved in!

You supported The Saturdays on their Headlines Tour and are now are providing support for The Wanted on their current UK Tour how are you finding this?
It's absolutely amazing. We are so privileged to be touring with the UK's biggest pop acts, and even more thankful for the reception we have had supporting them! They're both fantastic acts, and we've had so much fun on tour with them!

Is there any banter between you and The Wanted boys?
Haha, a bit yeah, I mean they're very busy lads, but whenever they’re free we always have a laugh. Siva usually pops up to our dressing room every night to make sure we're behaving ourselves!

You previously released 'Get Down' independently, why did you do this and what reaction did you get with the release?
Actually, we never released 'Get Down', a lot of people think we did, but all we did was record a music video for it. But because of the overwhelming reaction it got, lots of people thought it was a single! It's still a big fan favourite whenever we play it live!

What did it feel like when 'Get Down' was Kerrang's video of the week?
Incredible, at the time we were unsigned and it was such a huge platform for us. We're still really thankful that Kerrang! got behind the video as that was one of our big milestones as Twenty Twenty.

There are three of you in the band, usually three's a crowd, how do you all get on with each other and who has the worst habits in the band?
Haha, we're all like brothers really! 99% of the time we're always laughing and having joke or playing tricks on each other, but obviously we know when to give each other space if things get too much! I would say Sam has the worst habit in the band, he's just so messy! As soon as he gets to the dressing room his stuff is everywhere!

Who gets the most attention from fans in the band?
It's quite evenly spread actually, because we all have different personalities and play different instruments we find that we have our own little individual groups of fans which is awesome!

You've amassed a huge fan base using media such as Facebook and Twitter do you personally answer messages from fans or update the sites personally?
Of course! Everything we do on those sites is us! We built ourselves up on those sites by personally interacting with all of ours fans and we certainly aren’t stopping now! Whenever we can, we reply on Twitter and post pictures and updates on Facebook.

When do you anticipate another album being released and what can fans expect from it?
We really want to release more songs later on in the year to be honest, we're always writing and recording, so we'll definitely be bugging our label to get more songs out as soon as the first mini-album comes out! As far as the songs are concerned we'll always be writing upbeat, bouncy pop-rock songs, and maybe even chucking in a few slower acoustic/ballad numbers too.

Who would you say is your favourite band/act that you've supported and why?
It would have to be either The Saturdays or Scouting For Girls. The Saturdays was our first proper 'pop' tour so it was a big eye opener for us, and the girls are genuinely the nicest you'll find in the industry, and Scouting For Girls because they are so humble! After all their success they still had a drink with us after the show and gave us some words of wisdom!

What does 20-11 hold for Twenty Twenty?
Hopefully lots more shows, lots more songs and lots more fun! We're only getting started!

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article by: Michelle Owen-Williams

published: 14/04/2011 18:56

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