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Children of Bodom's rhythm guitarist on Monday 11 April 2011

eGigs caught up with Children of Bodom's rhythm guitarist Roope Latvala for a quick interview shortly before their Rock City gig.

How has the tour been so far?
It's been pretty good, we have just had a little break. Now we are back into a routine.

You seem to have been constantly touring the last few years, are there any venues/stadiums that you would still like to play?
We would love to have played a festival called Roskilde, but I guess we will never get to do that.

I'm sure some people would regard it as glamorous being on tour but what is the worst thing about constantly being on tour?
It can get boring waiting around, but the worst thing is having to find showers and toilets in the morning.

Do you find there is a difference between the audience in different countries?
Of course, theres a difference in the way they act. In some countries the fans go wild, and other places they just enjoy the music in a passive way.

What does this new album(Relentless Reckless Forever) offer that the previous albums didn't offer?
We always do our best and so we leave it up to our fans to decide what it can offer.

Alexi spends his time split between LA and Helsinki, so does that cause problems when writing new material?
No, because we will go there to start practising.

There is a really intricate synthesised guitar part on 'Not My Funeral' at the 3 minute mark, was that created by studio engineering?
No, the thing with this band we have a keyboardist and he is able to provide some great sounds, so everything you hear can be played by the band.

Have you started writing for the next album?

What career do you think you would have if you hadn't become a musician?
I think I would have been a recording artist of some kind.

Are you allowed to do side projects?
Yes we can, but obviously the priority is Children Of Bodom and as long as the side project for doesn't interfere with anything related to Children Of Bodom then there is no problem.

Can we expect to see you at any of the UK festivals this year?
Yes we will be playing at Download this year.

Many thanks to Roope Latvala for taking time out of their schedule to speak to us. Children Of Bodom latest album Relentless, Reckless Forever' is available to buy now.

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article by: Luke Seagrave

published: 11/04/2011 14:43

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