Go West talk to eGigs

ahead of their 25th Anniversary tour on Monday 12 April 2010

eGigs spoke to Go West, the pop duo of Peter Cox and Richard Drummie who are celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year.

Go West
You are about to embark on your 25th Anniversary tour: What would you say has changed in the music business over the last 25 years good or bad?
Wow, that's a big question. As far as technology goes it is pretty much possible to make a record in your bedroom now on your laptop so a lot of the big recording studios have closed down. The ones still operating tend to be frequented by established artists with the money to afford the luxury. Obviously digital copying has allowed people to copy perfect versions of new or old CDs which has decimated revenue coming back to the artists. Illegal or unpaid for downloading has had the same effect. Personally I know a lot of people who are getting out of the business simply because they can no longer earn enough from it. There is a lot more emphasis on playing live now as this is a source of income that still exists. It seems that the public now assume that music is free. Less and less artists will be able to stay in the business and new artists will not be able to survive if this attitude prevails.

What's the story behind the new single 'Skin Deep'?
'Skin Deep' was originally written by myself and Peter along with Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet. It was intended to go on Tony's next solo album but that went on hold due to the Spandau album and tour so we decided we'd get in first!

Why did you decide to release '3D'?
That's what we do! We make albums and we tour them! Maybe you mean why are we releasing it on three discs. We thought it would be fun and fresh to do it this way. The whole album isn't even written yet and the first CD was finished at three in the morning the night before I went to Namibia with the engineer still calling re mix changes as I was walking on the plane! So it's very fresh and so will CD2 and CD3 be!

I saw you play at Rewind Festival last year and your set blew me away, Do you have any plans to play any festivals this year and what can fans expect from your 25th Anniversary set?
Thanks very much. Yes, we've been asked to do Rewind again and will be playing Country House shows pretty much every weekend this summer. There will be another few Go West only shows in the autumn as well as an arena tour with some of our contemporaries leading up to Christmas so it's really full on for us this year! We will be playing some new songs from '3D' but all the hits will be there as well as some surprise covers of recent songs by other artists with our spin on them.

As you and Peter spend time apart and do other things away from Go West i.e. your Namibia trek with Martin Fry – www.namibiatrek2010.com and Peter's solo projects would you say it makes your relationship stronger?
Yes, for sure. You can have too much of a good thing! We split up in 1993 for seven years or so because I think it was just time to leave the gang for a while. I've known Peter since I was 16 and I've probably spent more time with him than with anyone else over that time! You learn when to push and when to pull.

Go West
What are you looking forward to most about the 25th Anniversary tour?
Just getting back out on stage. I love it up there and I think we have a totally wicked band. If you haven't seen us come and check it out and if you have, check it out again!

How have audiences changed over the last 25 years?
To me it doesn't seem much different. I suppose the screaming girls are now screaming women but our audiences have always been up for it. We seem to have developed a new younger following along with the lovely people who've been before. We have a reputation amongst musicians also as a band to check out live which is cool.

Where are your favourite places to play and why?
Birmingham has always been very kind to us so the Symphony Hall which we play on April 10th will be a night to remember! In the past Hammersmith Odeon was a dream to play because it was where I always went as a kid and it has to be said that the people of Newcastle know how to have a good night! We play at the Indigo O2 on April 23rd and The Sage in Gateshead on April 11th.

Would you say you have a strong fan base?
Yes, God bless'em!

What are your most memorable moments of the last 25 years?
Most not printable! Hearing 'We Close Our Eyes' being played for the first time on Radio 1. Winning the Brit for Best Newcomer. Sitting on the bullet train in Japan on our way to play Yokohama Baseball Stadium (35,000 people). I could go on for hours but I do know the best two moments. The births of my son, Dom and my daughter, Tara. Beautiful.

What does the future have in store for Go West?
Well it's all looking really good right now. There's talk of going back to play America again as well as touring in Japan and other parts of S.E. Asia. We'll keep making music and playing gigs as long as people turn up to see us!

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article by: Michelle Owen

photos by: Michelle Owen

published: 12/04/2010 19:49

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