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talking musical directions on Wednesday 3 March 2010

With new single 'Love Harder' out last Monday (March 1st), and his brand new album to be released in May, I caught up with Ali Love to talk about his new Prince/Frankie Goes to Hollywood, heavy Italo Disco, musical direction.

With your new album due in May, and your new single 'Love Harder' out on March 1st, are you excited for what the next few months holds for your?
I'm happy to be busy to an extent - makes me feel less of a freak.

How do you think the year is going to be for Ali Love?
I think its going to be a steady build.

You've had a couple of appearances in London recently, how's it been to get back out playing live after the recording process?
I find my new material a lot easier to perform. To be honest I wish I could make a robot that could do all the performances for me - that would just be rosy.

With this being the follow up to your debut album, 'Love Music', how did you find your time in the studio recording your new album? What do you think about your new album in comparison to your debut?
It came from a very creative place. The favourite part for me is making the music. I'm really proud of the new album.

Having worked with Tom and Ed back in 2007, I'm sure you find their work an influence. How was it to work with them? Have they had an influence on the way you think, write and produce your music in any way?
It was a very quick session. I got them in the vocal booth to do some singing which they never normally do. 'Love Harder' is slightly influenced by 'Do It Again' because I wanted to do a very stripped down minimal electronic thing and use my falsetto voice.

Your music has always contained a big disco element, however, 'Love Harder' and 'Diminishing Returns' show that off more than ever, very Italo Disco. What music was it that you heard that really pulled you into this genre?
A mixture of stuff, my flatmate Luca C is a DJ and he literally has most of the best Italo Disco tracks on 12" so this style kept seeping into the songs. Obviously the minimalism of these two tracks was more influenced by German music from labels like Polka flat etc.

I'm a very big fan of both songs, especially 'Love Harder', and I'm very impressed with the work Mighty Mouse have done with their remix of the track. What are your thoughts on both the Mighty Mouse, and Jaymo and Andy George on your new track?
Actually my favourite remix is the Prins Thomas one but I heard the Mighty Mouse one out the other day and it really works on the dancefloor. I also love the mentalist of Jaymo and Andy George's, they're cool guys. They have played me on Radio One a couple of times.

With the new album out in May, I'm sure you'll be doing plenty of touring this year in support of the album. How do you feel about touring? What is it that you enjoy about playing live?
I like a bit of rape and pillage.

Finally, will you be making any summer festival appearances this year? I honestly think that you?re album could be a perfect summer soundtrack.
Hopefully, I'm glad you like it sir.

Thanks very much for your time, and hopefully I'll catch you soon.

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article by: Anthony Hetherington

published: 03/03/2010 09:24

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