on Wednesday 28 March 2007

What’s your favourite song ever?

I love ‘It’s Hip To Be Square’ by Huey Lewis & The News. It’s damn well hip to be square! I first heard it while watching American Pyscho, the movie. I preferred the book, it was more violent, but the movie does it some justice. The song enlightened me to the ways of being square to be hip!

Any of the aggro from the movie channelled itself into Hadouken!?

Yea, probably, although I’m not quite ready to class myself as a serial killer yet.

If anyone could join your band, who would it be and why?

Good question, I was thinking about this on the train the other day. Keith Moon on drums, Dev from Test Icicles on guitar and... actually, the less band members the better. I like bands like Death From Above 1979 and The White Stripes, where there are less people so you have to make more racket.

So are you basically preparing to chuck a few band members out?

Yea! It may well be happening soon.

What do you think about the Hammersmith Palais being shut down? It’s a classic venue...

I’ve never actually been! C’mon, can School Disco (crap nostalgia club night that’s been running for too long – Ed) really be that good? I’m sure all the fans of the Clash will be in tears about it but it doesn’t really bother me.

What about the Astoria...

Oh! Well! That’s a different story because that’s the best venue in London by a long way in my eyes. We should try and save these venues because once they’re gone, they’re gone and they sure don’t build them like they used to. Save the Astoria!!

What have you been reading recently?

‘The Gig That Changed The World’ - John Lydon and The Sex Pistols are fucking geniuses, the whole ethos of punk was fantastic. Even the marketing genius behind it all was top notch! People say that Malcolm McLaren manufactured it all, but he didn’t manufacture John Lydon from getting expelled from everywhere and writing those lyrics that he did. I think it’s fantastic.

What do you think of the current generation should think of The Sex Pistols?

They should love it because it was a great song and it was fucking banned the first time! It got to Number 1 in the charts and the listing just had it as a blank space!

Technically now it can get back to No. 1 again, because digital downloads are all counted.

Yea! It would be great to see them at Number 1 again with it actually being celebrated this time. It’ll show how far we’ve come as a country.

So when you go for a night out, what’s it like?

Well, I can tell you that I’ve learnt to value my sanity and I’m not into all of this MDMA business! Oh god, I hope my parents don’t read this. I dropped ecstasy when I was about 16 and it was an interesting experience! But I will not condone or condemn!

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article by: Alex Hoban

published: 28/03/2007 11:12

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