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on Saturday 24 March 2007

The Academy is are back in the UK, on form and with a new album. I caught up with them on their sold out Manchester tour date to talk crazy 14 year olds and Panic! At the disco...

There are many bands around on the scene with your style of music. How did you guys get your big break?
Adam: “We just toured around. Did the US and the UK. We were on the road for about two years playing shows in all sorts of places. We got signed up to Fuelled By Ramean with our friends Fall Out Boy and that’s the story so far. There’s some awesome bands on that label. Check it out.”

Here in the UK, there is a lot of controversy over the ‘emo’ stereotype. Would you guys put yourselves into this category?
Andy: “Emo’s a joke. It’s a comically used term now. Just another stereotype. I remember when bands like Saves the day and Alkaline trio were Emo .It’s different now though.”

So some would say it’s not ‘cool’ to be associated with now?
Adam: “People can think whatever. We’re not emo though. We’re more rock.”

You toured last January with Panic! At The Disco as support. Not to rub salt into any wound but are you annoyed that they are bigger than you over here? Headlining Reading and the likes?
Andy: “So many people have asked us this. I don’t know how to answer this question without it sounding wrong. Yes they have had more success but they took a different road to us. They’ve played more shows, they’ve got a good fan base but they’ve done it differently.”
Adam: “We’re still friends. We keep in touch. We’re just writing what we want to write these days.”

So what did you think of Brendan getting bottled at Reading 2006?
Andy: “That was crazy. I wasn’t there but I saw the video on the internet. I’m glad he was ok. We see stuff happen like that at shows in the US, like on warped tour. People really want to see the band and they go crazy for it.”
Adam: “But I guess with success like that you also get enemies with it. I don’t want to end up like that.”
Andy: “I don’t want that kind of backlash for being too emo.”

Another sold out tour in the UK. How does that feel?”
Together: (laughs)” Great!”
Adam. “It’s great. We’re very lucky. The UK is awesome.”

Are UK fans different to the crowds in America?
Andy: “It’s definitely more rowdy here but not in an uncivilised way. It’s like a party, everyone enjoys themselves and I’m sure that has something to do with the alcohol law being lower over here then back in the states. We’re coming over and people get really excited about that, whereas in the states you’re kind of just there.
And your young groupie fans? What about them? Does that not feel weird?
Adam: “We appreciate all our fans. Although one time this young girl came up to me and before I could say anything she kissed me and slipped me the tongue. I was like “woah! Ok there!”. She was quite eager. Generally we try and stay away from that realm of 14 year olds though.”

What can we expect from the new album? It will be quite hard to beat the last.
Andy: “This one’s definitely more complex. More rock and roll influences. Lots of good guitar work. We’ve made it better. We all moved into a warehouse together and just wrote all the songs. It came together really well and it’s released here on the 2nd April!”

The fans all seem pretty excited to see you. What bands get you going?
Adam: “Definitely The Clash. I would love to see them.”
Andy: “It’s got to be Nirvana. I listened to them a lot when I was younger. They influenced me.”

And finally, how crazy do you get on tour?
Adam: “We get drunk. We’re not straight edge or stuff like that.”
Andy: “Last time we were here we were drunk and dancing at some club down the road, a whole load of us, that was quite intense.
” Adam: “And also when we played with PATD! Over here, the academy was closed and Ryan and I had left his guitar in. we were knocking on the door but nobody would let us in, we kept knocking and eventually this old lady came out and wouldn’t let us in to get our stuff. So I started making cat noises at her. That was pretty crazy.”

And with that, I get a brief “HI, I hope you enjoy the show” from the bands front man William Beckett before they are lighting up cigarettes and drinking Becks to warm themselves up before the gig. A little quiet but a very nice band all the same.

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article by: Kate Robinson

published: 24/03/2007 03:06

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