Klaxons interview

on Sunday 18 February 2007

eGigs infiltrates the Klaxons’ dressing room before their riotous NME Indie Rave tour show at Sheffield’s Plug.


How are you feeling?

Simon: I feel great today, I slept for about 13 hours last night.
Jamie: I’m good, I went to visit my dad, who lives up the road, and a load of family round here that I didn’t know existed. They took me out for some lunch, it was lovely!

So this tour is doubling up as a road trip round the country to catch up with family?

J: Yea, we’ve been able to see loads of people we wouldn’t normally see, without having to put the extra effort of travelling up to see them, so the tour’s really helped family relations!

What’s the atmosphere like amongst the tour buses?

J: Absolutely incredible.
S: The last three or four nights have been like one massive party.
J: Everyone’s properly bonded now and I feel sad there’s only three more days to go.


What’s been the most memorable night on the tour?

J: Liverpool was amazing.
S: Yea, whenever we play up North something seems to happen, it clicks and the crowds go wild. We feel at home – Leeds, Manchester, we love it. The last time we played Sheffield it was absolutely ridiculous, that was the best gig of that tour definitely, I got punched by a bouncer. I’m sure tonight’s going to be just as good.
J: Yea, we’re going to dedicate ‘The Bouncer’ to the bouncer that punched Simon.

Have you got any special plans for the final night?

J: Yes we do, we’re going to do a top secret collaboration with all the bands, who are all going to come on during the last song. But that’s all we’re telling you!


How do you guys think you’re squaring up against the Indie Rock tour?

S: The only town which we’ve clashed in was Liverpool, we wanted to see The Horrors but didn’t make it. We’re pretty matey with them. They’ve all been ill though...
J: Coffin Joe’s been coughing up. They text us the other day saying it’s going really well, so it’s a shame we’re not on the same bill as them. S: We really wanted to be on the same tour as them, when it was all still being arranged we were told at first we were going to tour with them. We got really excited about that but then it never happened. J We also bumped into The View but they were keeping quiet about the tour… but this has been our best tour ever, so we’re probably squaring up pretty well.

Has it been your best tour yet?

J: Yea, we’ve been playing to absolutely massive crowds, of up to two thousand people, so we’ve really had to up our game!
S: Yea, it’s been a massive learning curve for us, just getting back into the swing of playing live again and learning to play the record really well. It’s only been the last four or five shows where we’ve really got into it.
J: CSS have been amazing every night so it’s forced us to learn to play well!

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article by: Alex Hoban

photos by: Kirsty Umback

published: 24/02/2007 17:20

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