CSS interview

on Sunday 18 February 2007

eGigs chats to CSS’ Luiza Sá, Ana Rezende and Iracema Trevisan in the dressing room before their Sheffield gig on the NME Indie Rave tour.


How are you all feeling?

This is the best tour ever, we’ve made loads of friends and we’re going out partying every night. We’ve done a few dates outside of the Rave tour and there’s one big difference with them: there’s no glowsticks! There’s loads of younger kids at our own shows too.

Have you been getting up to any high-jinks?

We’ve been DJing techno after the gigs, it’s been hilarious. Liverpool was the best night so far, it would have been Manchester but we were all too hungover. When we were in Nottingham we all had colds. It’s been going round all the bands – New Young Pony Club had it, then Klaxons, then us!

Have you had any contact with the Indie Rock tour?

I think NME are trying quite hard to do a versus thing – Rave tour versus Rock tour – but we haven’t even crossed paths yet. We’re not going against each other of course, although I do think the rave line up is more fun! I saw a picture of the rock tour last week and they all looked so bored!

Are you looking forward to the show tonight?

We love playing in Sheffield because the Human League are from here – they’re are favourite band.

Do you get fed up of everyone expecting you to speak English?

No. Portuguese is our secret language, we like being able to talk it and have people not understand if we’re making fun of them. Unless you’re living in Portugal or Brazil, there’s really no need to speak it! Lovefoxx is half Japanese but she doesn’t speak any. When we were over there, no one spoke English or Portuguese and none of us could speak Japanese – we still managed to communicate ok though!

When were you last home?

In eight months we’ve only been in Brazil once or twice, we’ve been on tour so much.


When was your first gig here?

Our first ever European show was in Nottingham, it’s a strange place to begin, but they always do that – start some place strange so that if things go wrong it doesn’t matter. Thing did go really wrong that night! They still gave it a good review in the NME, though.

You’re doing brilliantly in this country, how about in others?

We’re big in England but no where else. The United States is too big for a mainstream music magazine to simply make us big. We’re known in some cities. In Brazil we are just an underground band, known on the independent scene. We’re not mainstream, all they’re interested in is emo!

Do you ever get sick of being asked the same interview questions over and over again?

We get very bored of being asked what’s it like being in a band of all girls. And also being asked ‘Have we ever met Paris Hilton?’, NO!”


You’re currently opening up with a cover of 2 Ulimited’s No Limits. Who’s inspired idea was that?

We wanted to change the show a bit but we didn’t have time to rehearse anything new, so we just threw 2 Unlimited in! We also wanted to get dancers, but we don’t have money, so we just had to do it ourselves!

How do you feel as the rave tour comes to an end?

Now the tour is wrapping up, we’re pretty sad, we’ve made such good friends and we’re all going our separate ways. It’s been lots of fun though.

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article by: Alex Hoban

photos by: Kirsty Umback

published: 23/02/2007 19:03

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