Victoria Inn, Derby on Thursday 4 May 2006

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After the gig we were shown into a sweaty little wood panelled room to the side of the stage. Signatures of many bands adorned the walls, a sign that a lot of great names had been here before us. There were tatty looking orange plastic chairs and a half eaten buffet on the side. On top of the fridge stood a six pack of Grolsch that looked primed and ready for drinking. Joe sat down in the corner looking pretty tired after the week’s shows; Adam plonked himself beside me and was glad to answer a few questions.

So how was the gig tonight?

Yeah, it was pretty good. One of the weirdest gigs I think I’ve played for a while though. There wasn’t many people here but it was still good fun.

Where do you feel most at home playing?

Because we have a fairly strong following back home in Wiltshire it is always great to play the local venues, we always get a good turnout when we do a homecoming gig.

What was it like when you won the ‘battle of the bands’ competition to play Glastonbury?

Well we’ve done quite a few ‘battle of the bands’ type competitions before, but this was the biggest one to date. When we played Glastonbury last year we were originally supposed to play the other stage, but because of the trouble with the electrics during our slot we didn’t get the chance. That would have been by far the biggest thing we’ve done.

Did you enjoy working on the album over in Canada?

It was great yeah, our producer actually lives over there so that’s part of the reason we went. He likes to get all the final touches and things done on home turf. We recorded in London as well though.

I bet you’ve been asked this a thousand times but how did you get the name Blackbud?

It’s down to Sam really; it came to him in a dream (laughs). Basically there was this girl running through a field but it was all in black and white. There was also a big black tree that had black bud type things hanging from it and we all though it was a good name.

How did you go about getting signed to your label?

Basically we just played as many gigs as we could around the local area. We made a conscious decision not to play in London though, we wanted to be different and do it our way. We had to play in front of people from the record label and I mean just two people standing there watching us, giving us the odd clap.


Blackbud are on tour around the UK until 30th May.

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article by: James Quinton

photos by: James Quinton

published: 10/05/2006 06:10

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