Gemma Hayes

Rescue Rooms, Nottingham on Tuesday 28 February 2006

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Egigs caught up with Gemma Hayes to talk about her new tour and album...

What have you been up to since the end of your last tour?

Gemma: Well I’ve recorded a new album! I travelled a lot and moved to LA. I got myself a new band-because I couldn’t use the band that recorded the album because they all belonged to other bands.

How would you describe the difference between your new album ‘The Roads Don’t Love You’ and your first album ‘Night On My Side’?

‘Night On My Side’ moved around a lot, it was rock, pop, country and folk, it went in a lot of directions- for better or for worse that’s what it did. This album is a lot more focused, it goes a bit rocky and a bit acoustic but it doesn’t go extreme into one or the other.

Did you feel under pressure recording the dreaded second album?

Yeah there was pressure there, its one of those things where you think do I let it stop me or do I use it to do something good. So it is one of those things where you just think ‘I can not control what people think of my music, all I can do is write and record what I want to record- and when you really believe that the pressure goes away because the pressure is only there because you want people to like the album more than the first album.

Is there anything that you would still like to do?

Yes, I'd really like to headline a festival- I really would have loved to have played Glastonbury. But sadly its not on. The festivals are great especially when you see your name on the bill. There’s also so many albums I’d like to make- I want to make a really really raw acoustic album, then I want to make an album that is just a pop rock album. There is so much that I really want to do.

Are you planning on playing any festivals this year?

Hopefully we are playing V Festival and Oxygen in Ireland.

Where did you get the title of your new album from?

(Whispers) I stole it!! But I did get permission eventually. It is from a line of a song called ‘Long Vermont Roads’ by Magnetic Fields. There was a dry period where I wasn’t writing for a while and that song just meant so much to me!

Many thanks to Gemma Hayes for her time!!!

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article by: Luke Seagrave

published: 13/03/2006 16:10