Motley Crue

on Friday 20 May 2005

We caught up with those wild boys of rock- Motley Crue for a little chat...

Are you looking forward to your UK reunion tour?

Nikki: Yeah we can't wait to come and tear it up.
Tommy: Yeah it's gonna be killer.

What will you be playing on this tour?

Nikki: The whole thing. From our first album, right up to now. It should play over two hours. Playing a lot of music we haven't played in years. Maybe never even played.

So how have the fans reacted to you guys being back on the stage?

Tommy: It's been overwhelmingly fun. Put it that way. Like, I don¹t think I've/we've ever put on a show where everyone has sat down the entire 2 hours and 20 mins or whatever we play. We played Madison square gardens here in NYC. The place was sold out to the rafters and people were up the whole time. It was killer. Everyone was having a good time man.

How did it feel being back on stage with each other? Let's be honest your fallouts have been well documented...

Nikki: You know what, We played a press conference in LA. It was the first time we played together in years, right? And we just did about four or five songs and you know the band was a little bit rusty because you know we haven't really... It takes a while you know, it's a lot of music and we just did about four or five songs and I just felt the same energy we felt from the very first time we rehearsed. Remember we had that little rehearsal little place in the valley and there's just something about the band. I don't know what it is, it just feels natural.

There has been rock & roll group after rock & roll group that was clearly influenced by Motley Crue. Do you see that in today's music too?

Nikki: Yeah sure. We definitely do, I mean not the thing about being in a rock band that's been around for a while and has had success we've had is that you know that you and a handful of other bands will have had some kind of impact on some musicians. I know that bands that I grew up with had an impact on me and some of their influence comes out on me and it will probably come out in someone else. It just keeps on going on and on.

You guys have had your fair share of media attention but what do you guys think about this Michael Jackson circus that's going on now. He really does come with a certain bit of circus Dom what do you think of the whole things that's going on and the media attention?

Nikki: That just kinda comes with the territory unfortunately.
Tommy: Yeah, What is going on with that, like where is all that?? I don¹t pay any attention to all that. I haven't turned the TV on in weeks.

I imagine that is because you are busy with the tour, right?

Tommy: We're always travelling on to the next city.

You have lived a life of absolute excess- drugs, women, alcohol etc, but is there anything along the way that has shocked you guys and made you think... maybe we have gone to far this time?

Nikki: I don't think we¹ve ever gone too far but I think the audience a couple of time have blown our minds. Someone asked me what's the strangest thing I ever saw live and I remember one time we we're playing in England or something and there was this guy holding a cows leg up, you can't even get a little camera into the show and this guys get a cow leg. And you're up there and they do bring some pretty weird stuff to the shows.
Tommy: Oh remember the eyeball?? Someone threw it up a large animal eyeball and it got stuck in the drum riser and I was like oh my god dude. What the hell is wrong with people??!! What are they thinking?? "They¹ll love this eyeball up there"!!!
Nikki: We¹re here to worship the Crue with this cow leg!!

Well we have to leave now, but before we go just one last question, How would you describe your live show?

Nikki: The biggest most insane rock show there is!!

Many thanks to Motley Crue for their time! Motley Crue will be touring the UK from 14th June 2005!

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article by: Luke Seagrave

published: 02/06/2005 07:59

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