Nine Black Alps

on Thursday 28 April 2005

One of the best up and coming new bands to recently emerge on the scene is Manchester-based Nine Black Alps. They will be on tour with the NME tour very shortly and so eGigs decided to catch up with them and have a little chat...

Sam Forrest (vocals/guitar), David Jones (guitar/bass), Martin Cohen (bass/guitar), and James Galley (drums)

Did you enjoy supporting Kaiser Chiefs on their recent tour?

Sam: It was good.
David: They were really nice!

Are you looking forward to the NME tour?

Sam: Yes it should be a great show
David: It will be interesting seeing all those great bands on one bill!

You sound very similar to Nirvana, which bands do you like?

Entire Band: Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age

Manchester seems to churn out a lot of great bands - Oasis for example, as well as your own band - but are there any other bands that you think we should keep a look out for?

James: Free Cake.
David: Longcut
Sam: There's a guy called Nick Ainsworth from The Former Bullies who's just a singer with a guitar backed up by a drummer.

What do you think about downloading music?

David: I think its a good thing - it gives you a chance to listen to an album and decide if you like it or not, and I download a lot of music but will go out and buy it if I like it!

Have you had any strange experiences whilst touring?

Sam: When we played in Japan we had these screens that we could see ourselves on, it is really strange playing whilst being able to see yourself on a huge screen!

At that point the band members were whisked away to do their soundcheck. eGigs would like to thank Nine Black Alps and Matt@Hyperlaunch arranging this interview.

Catch Nine Black Alps on the NME tour from May 16th 2005!

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article by: Luke Seagrave

published: 17/05/2005 09:08

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