Seb Fontaine

The End, London on Wednesday 24 May 2000

Seb FontaineWe caught up with Cream resident Seb Fontaine at Musik's 5th Birthday @ The End, just 3 days before Homelands England.

Is there anything you particularly like about festivals?

I love festivals. I absolutely love them. I've just done May Day in Germany. I've got Homelands, Extrema festival in Holland, a festival in Mexico... then I've also got Creamfields, V2000, all the usual suspects in England. I'm trying to do more festivals abroad, trying to get the South American vibe. I love festivals. It's just something different.

What'll you be playing?

I'm not a big fan of the obvious crowd pleaser. I like to dig out one old one that no one else will touch. Tonight I played Leftfield 'Not Forgotten'.

How do you find the crowds at festivals?

You get some very anal, very intense, musos, music lovers. Normal clubbers are dancing, but you get people hanging out at the front, watching, "He's doing that, he's taking down the bass..." It's cool though.

Who will you be seeing this year?

Leftfield. They're my gods. It sounds funny, but Creamfields have got All Saints playing and the guy who's their DJ, their producer, I used to DJ with him years ago. I haven't seen him in 8 years, but I spoke to him the other day and we'll meet up. We used to play at the Fridge together, playing hip hop and reggae. His name's Carl, "KG".

What do spend your time at festivals doing?

I get drunk. I get drunk and get up to my knees in mud... the usual stuff - stuff that everyone else does, but I'm on the other side of the decks...

Thanks to Andy and Matt from Plug for their help.

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article by: Butterfly

published: 25/05/2000 13:47