Mr C

The End, London on Wednesday 24 May 2000

We caught up with Mr C at Musik's 5th Birthday @ The End, just 3 days before Homelands England.

Mr C.

Who are you going to see at Homelands?

No one.

What are you going to do instead?

At Homelands I'm playing really early, 1 till 3, then I'm jumping in my car and driving up to Sheffield to do another festival, playing the closing set there 8-10, then down to London for Heart and Soul.

Mr C.And the rest of the summer?

Oooh, madness. July, I'm doing a 6-day tour of the US, and a 10-day tour in August, of the US. Also got Japan coming up in June and all over the place, gigs coming up just about everywhere. Europe, UK... America's really happening for me at the moment.

What's your favourite festival?

Homelands ones are always good aren't they. They're so well organised, and it's so well put together, and it's all dance music, which can't be bad. But saying that, I do like a bit of Glastonbury and the Beetle one, Beetle Bug fair thing. I'm looking forward to the Planet Love Festival in Northern Ireland on Sunday. Then I'm off to Croatia on Monday... so it's all a bit mad.

Mr C.

Thanks to Andy and Matt from Plug for their help.

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article by: Butterfly

published: 25/05/2000 13:35