Public Service Broadcasting to play at Wakefield Market Hall on Friday 6th September 2019

news: Friday 23rd August 2019

Public Service Broadcasting at Electric Fields 2018

Future-facing masters of lifting historic spoken word recordings and melding archive sounds with the adrenaline rush of live instrumentation, London-based three-piece, Public Service Broadcasting received critical praise and widespread radio play for their 2015, space race-inspired concept album "The Race For Space".

Their Wakefield show is just one of a handful of times they will play the album in full this year. Sonically recounting the USA and Soviet Union’s historic rush to beat each other to the moon and beyond, the album effectively turned transmissions from various space missions, including Apollo 11, and political speeches into an unseen fourth member and vocalist.

This is part of the The Festival Of The Moon (Fri 23 Aug to Sun 8 Sep) being held at Wakefield's Market Hall, with live events, DJ sets, pop up bars, Q&As and more!

published: 23/08/2019 11:51


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