Yawning Man / Wychhound

Rebellion, Manchester on Friday 27 July 2018

On the night where the moon turns to the colour of a red desert, the sounds of riffs from Californian deserts are here in Manchester. Yawning Man, adored by Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss, bring their desert rock sounds to one of the largest cities in England.

Formed in 1984 these guys are seen as the godfathers of the desert rock scene. Having just toured with Fatso Jetson earlier this year, Mario Lalli is back, this time on bass. Sadly his son Dino Von Lalli is not here, but this trio have got it covered.

Supporting them are Bing Satellites, who we miss sadly due to motorway traffic, and the amazing Wychhound. These London chaps have riff heavy songs that draw you in, with long jams full of musical talent and wispy guitars creating mind journeys via the earlobes. Having only heard of them as support just before the show, and checking them out online, I made sure tried to arrive in time to catch them.

Yawning Man prepare their floaty backing visuals ready for their set... The guitar set up is feed backing slightly but Gary Arce is all over it and tames the beast. Mario Lalli’s bass notes and chords along with Bill Stinson’s drumming keep the songs rolling, while Arce is free to create the rolling musical landscapes.

There is hardly any talking, the music does all the talking. It is not until ‘Catamaran’, the song made famous by Kyuss that includes vocals, that Mario says a few words to the crowd and introduces the band. With only 8 songs on the setlist you can tell these songs are more jam styles, in keeping with the bands background of rocking up to the desert with generators and jamming until the early hours. Mario takes the lead as to when to slowdown and stop the songs with Bill.

This tour is to release the new album ‘The Revolt Against Tired Noises’ . Only two songs ‘Skyline Pressure’ and ‘Perpetual Oyster’ from ‘Rock Formations’. The former is a Ten East song, as all members of Yawning Man are in this project also, along with likes of Greg Ginn and Brant Bjork. The set closes with an unknown jam as the crowd ask for another song.

It's loud, atmospheric, pulsing, excellent music that does transport you to the vast abyss of the desert and space. A must to check out and escape with.

Black Kite
The Revolt Against Tired Noises’
Skyline Pressure
Perpetual Oyster
Violent Lights
Ghost Beach
Jam (Unknown)


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article by: Danielle Millea

photos by: Danielle Millea

published: 31/07/2018 11:51

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