O2 Academy Islington, London on Saturday 17 May 2014

Tonight I am at the O2 Islington Academy to see a band called Inme who have just financed their new EP, called 'Destinations', through Pledge Music. The Destinations tour is the first tour that the guys have embarked on with no record label or management behind them and from where I have been sitting it looks like it has been going great. Singer Dave McPherson is struggling at the moment with a bad throat but hasn't let this stop him for the final night of the tour. 

They kick start the show with 'Saccharine Arcadia', taken from the album 'Pheonix'. The track has some pretty heavy riffs, which goes a long way in convincing me that having Gaz Marlow join Inme in 2010 was a wise choice, as was the decision to open with that track tonight! 'Myths and Photographs' is the only track they play from Daydream Anonymous tonight, and with this song you can hear McPherson struggling with his voice, however the crowd are very vocal and go a long way in helping him with the song and it is a great track to hear. 'Single of The Weak' has a chorus we often find ourselves asking in the words of 'What's that shit on the radio'? Quite, I have asked it a million times in the past, but never when Inme are played! 'Natural', 'Firefly' and 'Safe In A Room' are huge crowd pleaser’s and shouts for the old tracks are heard throughout the gig from a few people through the evening, but as singer McPherson reminds them, they have over 100 tracks and can't possibly please everyone, whilst bassist (and Dave McPherson's younger brother) Greg McPherson just tells everyone he will stick to the set list thanks … either way it's all in good jest and the crowd are pleased with them just being on stage!

'Beached Whales' is a beautiful but quieter track from the EP and seems to go down pretty well with those that aren't talking through it, I have never quite understood why people want to go to a gig only to talk through it, it's a lot of money to pay if you don't want to hear or see the gig!

As the evening goes on the singing crowd does not stop singing, and neither does singer McPherson, I often wonder if that guy ever runs out of energy as he has so many side projects on the go and a very successful solo career and yet he still manages to keep up with it all even when feeling unwell.

Following tracks 'Moonlit Seabed', 'Reverie Shores', 'Her Mask (P.A)' and 'Legacy' just seem to flow out and the crowd are loving it all and singing along, The guitars are amazing on 'Reverie Shores' and I can't help but feel in awe of how talented Singer/Guitarist McPherson and Guitarist Marlow are.

'Her Mask (P.A)' is a track I love and hearing that tonight really impressed me but the real winner of the night was the awesome 'Faster The Chase'. Singer McPherson tells the crowd he had to sign a waiver to say that he would not do the 'Wall of Death', which is where he separates the crowd in to two halves, left and right, and then they all rush at each other when the time is right, so instead he has come up with a new one, the 'ballroom dance of death'. So at the right moment during 'Faster The Chase' McPherson separates the crowd, he then gets them all ballroom dancing to the song. Genius!!!!!

All too soon the night draws to an end with the song 'Chamber' another crowd favourite from the early days of Inme, this song always sends chills down my spine and tonight is no different, Inme may have left the stage but I will see them on a stage again soon, and so should you. Thank you Inme for an awesome night!

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article by: Trina Back

published: 20/05/2014 09:45

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