Foxes / Prides

The Concorde 2, Brighton on Tuesday 20 May 2014

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The Concorde 2 is abuzz with excitement. There seems to be a little magic in the air and anticipation is at its peak.  The venue itself is a classic Victorian building which previous lives include a tea room, a biker's bar, Amusement arcades and its current incarnation as one of the country's premier small music venues holding little over 600 people.  The décor is an eclectic mix of stained glass windows and mirror balls, a bit school disco and little strangely regal at the same time. 


The support act burst onto the stage in a blaze of colour. It's Prides and they sound like a cross between 'Mystery Jets' and early 'Smiths'. They get the crowd suitably hyped. Their current single 'Messiah' has made the Radio one play list and they have recently been signed to Island records. The band is certainty moving onto better things.

But make no mistake; the crowd are clearly here to see one artist. The excitement is mounting for Foxes a young beautiful artist with a lot of pressure on her 25 year old shoulders.  Never can I remember an artist causing such a stir before her debut album has been released. 'Glorious' arrived at number 5 in the album charts, is self-penned and Louisa Rose Allen already has a Grammy under her belt for the Zed hook up 'Clarity'. It sold 2.5 million in America alone.


She arrives on the stage in a full length black jacket and launches into a rendition of 'Ghosts' .  After the first track, the coat is removed to reveal a tiny denim skirt and boob tube combo which somehow she seems make classy. The performance is very assured, confident and pitch perfect.  Her voice is huge and much bigger than her size .Song after song is performed elegantly and with gusto, dancing and hair flicks that would put Beyonce to shame. Foxes is having a party up on the stage and everyone is invited.  We are treated to her whole album track listing but one of the highlights of the night is a mash up of Massive Attack's 'Tear Drops' and Pharrell Williams's 'Happy'. It really shouldn't work but it really does. You could literary hear a pin drop and I feel a tingle go down my spine. Amazing. With Foxes energetic enthusiasm you can't help but bounce along and her stage presence is more mature then her years.

After her set list, she returns to the stage to treat us to two more tracks before her departure. These are 'Clarity' and 'Let Go'. At this point I am concerned that this small building could contain the level of euphoria that Foxes has created. The crowd are eating out of her hand.

Foxes has worked long and hard to get to this point and she has no intention of letting go. Go catch her in small venues while you can. After her next album or even after this year's festival season she will be performing in arenas.  She is that good.  

Set List

White Coats
Night Owls
Shaking head
Beauty Queen
Let Go


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article by: Kristina Clark

photos by: Jason Richardson

published: 27/05/2014 17:06

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