Quiet Marauder

Four Bars @ Dempseys, Cardiff on Friday 18 April 2014

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Right then, where to start when reviewing possibly one of the most unique, vaguely disturbing, but at the same time joyous group of individuals you are ever likely to meet down a dark alleyway in Cardiff?. In their own words they "Pull together the bones of an ancient skeleton. This skeleton consists of fake Moustaches, Steroids, Flamingos, Murderous Intent, Popular Culture, Misery and Happiness." So at least we know what to expect.

In the cosy surroundings of Four Bars I find quite an eclectic crowd milling around in anticipation. As Quiet Marauder is a loose collective built around a few core members, it's the 5-piece version that takes up their positions on-stage. With their critically acclaimed debut album 'MEN' coming in at over 5 hours with some 111 tracks, I think it's fair to say they are unlikely to run out of material. The first observation as they open their set is how much more rambunctious they sound live.

Quiet Marauder

Their sweat stained, folk inspired carnage proving irresistible as the crowd inches closer. Black humour abounds as we hear tales of the male psyche leaving virtually no stone unturned. Part of the fun of a Quiet Marauder show is the interaction, particularly on 'I Want A Moustache, Dammit' where the audience are provided with paper masks of 70s moustachioed film legend Burt Reynolds to wear. The crowd duly oblige and sing along loudly to the chorus in a game of two-and-fro. Latest single 'Wake Up Bono' is delivered with delicious intent. Before long we are once again singing along to another one of their singularly absurd, but undeniably catchy songs 'Eggs'. Things briefly take a milder pace for the sheer laid back charm of 'The Game' before the band are singing/shouting/leaping/contorting their way through the hurricane that is 'The Business Deal'.

There is so much to feast on live, from trumpet to guitar, drum to random household implements. Think Pogues with an anarchic twist and you're not even half-way there to explain the extravagance of their performance.

Quiet Marauder are most certainly worth shouting about!

Quiet Marauder

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article by: Kevin Pick

photos by: Kevin Pick

published: 23/04/2014 11:53

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