O2 Institute, Birmingham on Friday 7 April 2017

 Hailing from Newbury, Flame haired songstress ‘Frances’ has been around for a few years, only just recently releasing her debut album ‘Things I’ve Never Said’.

Being Championed by Radio One and releasing several EP’s under her own steam has helped her grow and attain an army of adoring fans, me included.

I first saw Frances live in a little venue in Birmingham quite a while back, a little café, just her and her piano and she blew me away then at how talented she was.

Shortlisted for both the 2016 Brit Awards and BBC Sound of 2016 has bought her to the fore front and showcased her amazing talents.

Tonight we were treated to a short but sweet set, 14 songs of epic-ness, my ears loved every second. I never ever tire of her angelic voice. I’ve been a fan from the start and this will never change.

Gems included, well the whole set really, I could’ve listened to it twice over, absolute favourite’s and stonkers were ‘Borrowed Time’, ‘Say It Again’ and the Encore ‘When It Comes to us’ and the Epic ‘Grow’.

This girl is gonna go far and I will wait with baited breath to see just how far.


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article by: Michelle Owen-Williams

published: 11/04/2017 11:44

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