Get Cape, Wear Cape, Train

Sam Duckworth tries a rather unusual venue

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Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly are one of the latest band's announced to play as part of a series of T Mobile Street Gigs, except this one is a little bit different...

350 fans will get the chance to see the group, aka Sam Duckworth, perform live on a train as he walks up and down the carriage.

The train will set off from Oxford Station on Saturday May 5th, and will terminate at a secret location where the second part of the gig will take place (surely it can't be that hard to work out - it's a train after all!).

Sam Duckworth commented “After spending pretty much the first year of my touring life on trains it's nice to go back and play guitar on one without being told to shut up every ten minutes or ‘go and wash dirty grunger.’”

“It's going to be ace taking a bunch of people along for the ride too, culminating in a big show at the end of the line. Can't wait

Tickets are strictly by invite only, and can only be obtained by registering here (you have until 5pm on April 20th).

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

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article by: Scott Johnson

published: 16/04/2007 12:53