Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly / Pull Tiger Tail / The Dykeenies

Newcastle Academy on Saturday 24 March 2007

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Sometimes you just know a gig is going to be good, but it’s not often though that a gig is this damn good. Two superb supports, and one of the most promising young songwriters in the country made sure that the Newcastle crowd went home happy tonight.

Up first were Glasgow new-wave noiseniks The Dykeenies, and quite simply they brought the house down. Their innovative brand of electro-indie got the Newcastle crowd moving, and the only downside was that they got such a short set. Brian Henderson’s soaring vocals and mesmerising synth work held the whole thing together as the band tore through a set which can only be described as chaotically, wonderfully magnificent.

Pull Tiger Tail were up next, and they built upon the superb shift put in by their predecessors. The comparisons to Bloc Party are easy to make, but to make them would be to do Pull Tiger Tail a disservice. Jagged guitar lines; funky, dirty bass, and vocal work which is anything but the norm set this band apart, and they are cleary one to watch for the future. Mr 100% and new single Let’s Lightning set the standard, and the rest of their set did not disappoint.

Every now and again an artist comes along and forces people to sit up and take notice. Sam Duckworth can now be counted amongst that rare breed. As the frontman of Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly he is leading a cavalry charge against the mediocre, the apathetic and the disenfranchised, and along the way he is making some of the most touching music around at the moment.

Like a young Dylan with an enhanced social conscience, Duckworth leads his band through topics as diverse as the fair trade movement, his home town of Southend, and the need to escape from dull, menial jobs. He certainly isn’t a songwriter who sticks to the standard formula, yet he does what he does without ever seeming crass or clichéd. From opening track, 'Oak Tree', he held a packed Academy in the palm of his hand, and didn’t let go all night.

Current single 'I Spy', and the ensuing singalong, showed just what this band can do, and was the standout track in an excellent set. The rest of the show consisted of most of their debut album 'Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager', as well as a few new songs, including the superb 'Excuses', which showed that the quality of the debut will certainly be carried through onto their next release.

Closing the set with the rousing 'War Of The Worlds', the band left the stage triumphant, and to rapturous applause. If there is any justice in the pop-idol ridden world of popular music, Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly is a name you will be hearing much more of , and deservedly so.

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article by: Tommy Jackson

published: 27/03/2007 15:38