FREE all day mini festival - check it out!

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Woodstockton - Free all day mini festival!

The Georgian Theatre, Stockton - on - Tees

Sunday 12th April

Thats right woodstockton the best thing about woodstock (i.e. bands) and the best thing about stockton (i.e the georgian theatre) meet in one day of excellentness yes excellentness is a word and thats what woodstockton is.

playing are some of the best bands from green dragon studios so on the bill are:


1.00pm - Out of town

1.55pm - Still active

2.50pm - The Organised

3.45pm - Crown Ether

4.40pm - Red Rabbits

6.30pm - Readers Wives

7.25pm - Gods Own Prototype

8.20pm - British Lichen Society

9.15pm - The Secret invasion

10.10pm - Idiot Savant

11.05pm - The Ryots

each set lasts about half an hour

plus inbetweeen sets we'll be having our 3 dj's for the day ste, goz and kingsley mixing things up.

its free entry all day and is on easter sunday which is the 12th of april for all you non religious folk, its a bank holiday sunday so you can have a few bevvies and get merry.

this could be the first of many to come so feel the love.


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