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    "my hangouts are more hip than yours. my all stars are more dirty than yours. my badges are more hardcore than yours. my favourite bands are more underground than yours. my jeans are more ripped than yours. my haircut is more trendier than yours. my bracelets are more colourful than yours. my politics are more right wing than yours. my belts are more studded than yours. my insults are more childish than yours. my heroes are more unknown than yours. i am the scenestar. i am your scenestar."
  1. Brum academy

    when i went there for rancid i stood just in front of the sound desk thing. good view and good sound. it's a pretty good venue i like, although cus it was sold out i got pretty crushed.
  2. Bright Eyes

    what were rilo kiley like? i'm so looking forward to seeing them now. i have 'portions of foxes' on repeat at the moment. and he better play bowl of oranges!
  3. The Bravery - new dates

    the colour are supporting. actually makes me consider going...

    ah. well the stoke gig was TBC. so i guess it's not on. yeah i only have the first catch 22 album and that's gorgeous.
  5. LCD Soundsytem

    doubt i'll go to any dates but they're soooooo good live.
  6. Biggest live disappointments?

    conor probably wasn't drunk enough. i hope to god he isn't a let down next month...
  7. Ticket Stubs

    the ones i've still got are on my wall.
  8. Underoath

    saw em in stoke. good gig.

    they might be playing stoke on that tour. what are they like and what's their connection with catch 22? i might go see these...
  10. New Found Glory

    new found glory were ace. hot water music were ace. gymnastics in manchester train station was ace. having to do a politics essay after 3 hours sleep. not so ace.
  11. Idlewild

    should be seeing them in stoke in april now i've found some people to go with
  12. eels new album..

    vagrant's roster gets more and more random by the signing. good band though.
  13. Bright Eyes

    amazing. nothing else needs to be said!
  14. Taking Back Sunday...

    probably a lot better than my chemical romance.
  15. REM support anyone know anything?

    now it's overheard are on some of the dates