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  1. New Year's celebrations?

    Idlewild @ Oran Mor Then a couple pubs then off to Pendulum DJ Set, Kissy Sell Out, Clouds plus more TBC @Arches
  2. I was actually in this venue a few weeks ago.. strange place
  3. New Year's celebrations?

    Anyone got any plans for this New Year or anyone heard of any gigs on to go to?
  4. Best Venue in Glasgow

  5. The View

    Looks like they won't be touring America since Kyle got done with possessing cocaine.. Also did anyone see the pics of him @ the NME awards? total tit
  6. New Venue in Glasgow

    Guest list passes so all is good
  7. New Venue in Glasgow

    Am going back on Friday for the launch night of the new Grim Northern Social single Out Monday
  8. The Guillemots

  9. The Guillemots

  10. The View

    Or become famous for being stopped by the police with Pete Dohertit
  11. New Year's celebrations?

    sure did...
  12. The View

    Poor mans babyshambles..
  13. New Year's celebrations?

    George Sq was but since only was going there for the Fratelli's we just went to few pubs instead then the ABC (which was brill). 1990's and Union of Knives were ace, Sons & Daughters were not so ace and the Matchsticks were just plain weird (in an amusing way)
  14. New Year's celebrations?

    Where? George Sq or the ABC?