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  1. 5co77ie

    Need some help from gig/festival goers

  2. 5co77ie

    Joe bonamassa nottingham

    oh really - can I ask why?
  3. liking their new album
  4. i feel the irrepressible need to leave a comment since we have that facility now:


  5. 5co77ie


    You can type in an area in the venue box.
  6. from click here so does this mean the most you can spend at the bar is £15? That means no more than, what, 2 drinks at London prices?
  7. 5co77ie

    FEED YOUR HEAD III - Saturday October 9

    I've got the soundtack to the original Feed Your Head III http://www.amazon.co.uk/Feed-Your-Head-Var...s/dp/B000024B1W
  8. Are they likely to appear at an ATP festival?
  9. what does she sound like? Are those pics from a review?
  10. 5co77ie

    Bands for 2010....

    So who do we reckon will be the next big thing next year then?
  11. 5co77ie

    Whats Gan On?!

    They're lurking.