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  1. shepards bush empire

    faithless are playing there on the 10th of september.. should be good. nice little venue to see them in
  2. billy brag

    Link 15th nov 6.30 -12.45 @ Acton Town Hall so not for a while.
  3. billy brag

    for those that are fans he is playing a tiny charity gig in acton west london... tickets 17.50
  4. faithless support at alexandra palace

    thankies bubblie
  5. beck

    tickets on sale for uk dates http://www.ProcessRequest.com/apps/redir.a...C&tid=WhiigegDJ
  6. eels new album..

    they are now touring. these are the dates so far EELS Bridgewater Hall Manchester FRI 20/05/2005 19:30 order EELS Royal Festival Hall London MON 23/05/2005 19:30 order
  7. Biggest live disappointments?

    SFA.... boring boring boring. wanted to slit my wrists with disapointment
  8. New colours

    very pretty
  9. Stereophonics ..

    the new album is a definate improvement but still lacks something
  10. faithless support at alexandra palace

    ha ha ha scottie. i think i would slit my wrists
  11. not till april, but does anyone have any idea who will be the support?
  12. I Am Kloot

    i am going to see them at the electriv ballroom. they are well worth going to see if you can
  13. Ticket Stubs

    i keep pretty ones.... i have a handy cork board in my bedroom which they are on
  14. hu r J E W playin wiv