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  1. Bands for 2010....

    I'm having a set of wild guesses in my radio show on Thursday http://radio.efestivals.co.uk/ But for one single shot, am curious about whether Stornoway make it this year, now they've got a Joolz appearance under their belt and have been mentioned in the Beebs 15 breaking acts. Have been tracking them since the summer of 2008.
  2. efests

    Thanks, can follow most of that. Yup, front page hardly looks different, just a few photos that I've not seen before. Rumours pages seem to work fine again too. Had a few emails notifications to the forums that don't link correctly, but that's hardly a problem and it will right itself now things are working again. So presume egigs is on a different set of hard drives?
  3. efests

    Good luck - am curious to hear what it was (if you can tell us) and what the consequences are.
  4. efests

    Seems to be back on..... off to see what the damage is
  5. bot attack 2/4/09

    Presume complete coincidence what's happened over at efests today?
  6. efests

    eFestivals.co.uk Sunday 5th April 2009 1pm (BST) The eFestivals forums are not currently available. Apologies for any inconvenience. At around 1am today, the main eFestivals server suffered a disk failure. We are currently working on restoring the forums content onto a new server from our backups. The forums should be back on-line at around 6pm this evening. Unfortunately, the majority of posts from Sat 4th Apr will probably have been lost, as the last backup was taken at around 5am that day. However, it is still possible that these might be recoverable, as we're still looking at what might be recoverable from the damaged disk. Thought it was busy this morning due to belated Glasto-frenzy. Hope it can be fixed easily. Also surprised that people haven't come in here to chat meantime.
  7. This year's hot acts....

    Interesting to see Stornoway make the last 12 of the Glasto unsigned competition. Very capable earnest indie music, if they've added a secret ingredient, could go much bigger.
  8. This year's hot acts....

    I'd be aghast if Florence & The Machine aren't top 10 material this year, amount of press they've had and a curious Brit award to boot. Anyways, to add to your list: Frankmusik Ladyhawke ....from the little I know.
  9. Egigs T-shirts

    I should think the nose on it would keep everyone away.......
  10. Egigs T-shirts

    Bet you've been wearing it under your work clothes all the time.....
  11. The Levellers live in Camden 22/July/08

    Looks like I might be there