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  1. top 5 live acts you've seen

    here's mine im intrested to know what you guys think. 1) Muse 2) Coldplay 3) Snow Partol 4) Damien Rice 5) Greenday
  2. Biggest live disappointments?

    ive never seen u2 or chillies but muse are the best live band ive seen! Anyway the biggest disappointment had to be white stripes i must say they were realy dull.
  3. American HiFi

    i thought they had split up about a year a go! bonus! i may have to explore this one.
  4. Feeder dates and thoughts

    there coming back with a new album and tour Belfast Ulster Hall (March 22) Dublin Olympia (23) Manchester Apollo (25/26) Glasgow Academy (28/29) Birmingham Academy (31) London Carling Brixton Academy (April 1) has any one seen them before if so what did you think?
  5. REM support anyone know anything?

    exactly what the title says "REM support anyone know anything?"
  6. Oasis

    does anyone know how much they'll cost
  7. Did anyone go see razorlight last night?

    i saw them in leeds realy worked the crowed top band.
  8. Coldplay

    when are they gonna start touring again? I cant wait to see them live again. Also does anyone know when there new stuff is out?