The 1975 / The Neighbourhood

O2 Academy, Birmingham on Wednesday 12 February 2014

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Did I want to venture out tonight, the worse gales and rain I've ever seen and the thought of the wind blowing the car from side to side like a kite wasn't entertaining in the least. 

I did take the plunge and put my biggest coat and thickest hoodie on as the walk to the venue is always windswept, tonight was no exception, but would it be worth it in the end? 

I had caught on to The 1975phenomenon last year after hearing a couple of their tracks on Radio One, thought I want a piece of this, and since then I've been a fan. 

I caught them last year at T in the Park and they were immense, so I hoped tonight would prove just the same. 

By the time I got to the venue I had missed support act one and support act 2, The Neighbourhood had just gone on stage, I wasn't paying attention to be honest as the vocals were slightly poor, mainly due to the fact I couldn't hear them and it's not my age either. I was trying to look at the audience to see what the demographic was, the front row was full of pre-pubescent kids and early twenty something's, Christ I was definitely the oldest swinger in town. 

The 1975

Obviously everyone was waiting for the four piece from Manchester. Hard to believe they haven't been around that long, bursting on to the scene in January 2012 and their debut album, which was released last year debuted at Number One in the UK. They have developed quite a following and tonight showed that.   Dates for their current tour selling out like hotcakes, a couple of nights in Manchester and a triple whammy in Brixton all sold out. I dread to think how much tickets were changing hands for. 

The band came on with a no frills stage setting, no one cared really, it was all about the band and the music. They didn't disappoint, Healy was on form, having the audience eat out of his hand at every movement, lyric and song. 

The band are tight and this showed tonight, I was totally immersed in it and knew they were good, but tonight surpassed the T performance I'd seen last year. 

A 90 minute set whizzed by with 18 stonkers on the set. Classic 'Milk' opened the show and this set out the 1975 stall for what was to come. An energetic and fuel powered performance, Healey stripping down to his T-shirt by the third song and all the girls were loving this. 

I was attracted to this band cause of Healy's voice, I find it mesmerising, I never tire of listening to the CD and live his vocals are even better, glad I braved the weather to venture out. 

The best was definitely saved till last with firm favourites 'Sex' and 'Chocolate' whipping the audience up into a frenzy like piranhas waiting for flesh. 

I wouldn't have missed this night for the world, this band are immense live and have got better over the couple of years they've been around, roll on the next album and the next tour.

The 1975

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article by: Michelle Owen-Williams

photos by: Michelle Owen-Williams

published: 14/02/2014 12:35