Wet Wet Wet

Capital FM Arena, Nottingham on Friday 13 December 2013

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Currently in the music industry, we have a culture of get rich quick flash in the pan popstars, who have a limited shelf life releasing "greatest hits" after merely a few minor chart successes. Thankfully Wet Wet Wet have had plenty of success and can boast that they are able to deliver a greatest hits album with successful songs that have stood the test of time.

In fact Wet Wet Wet have been around for so long that this is their third greatest hits album entitled 'Step By Step'. This latest release features three new tracks alongside the classic Wet Wet Wet hits.

For those of you who aren't aware Wet Wet Wet have had chart success for four decades, despite often taking time out to concentrate on other things. The band members reform every few years to do live shows.

Thankfully on this tour they decided to pay Nottingham a visit.

Wet Wet Wet

From the moment that band members Graeme Clark, Tommy Cunningham, Neil Mitchell and of course vocalist Marti Pellow strolled casually onto the stage, it was clear to see that a tour had been long overdue judging by the rapturous cheering and clapping from the fans.

As soon as the delightful tones of Marti Pellow echoed through the arena, I was transported back to the mid '80s. Looking at the other fans in the crowd, it's fair to say they were also taken back to feeling a lot younger.

Photos spanning the bands 26 year career were set out on a gigantic panoramic screen behind the band, which formed the backdrop throughout the evening.

Frontman Marti Pellow appeared to be in great form. He looked confident on the stage and more importantly seemed to be enjoying himself throughout the evening. Especially with his new stage prop - a microphone stand which had bright lights on it, which could be switched on and off instantly. It certainly made it easy to see where Marti was standing throughout the evening.

Wet Wet Wet

The band belted out hit after hit such as 'Angel Eyes', 'Julia Says and 'Sweet Surrender. They even slipped a new song from the latest album also entitled 'Step By Step.

However as much as the audience loved all of the successful hits, it was the real classic hits that raised the stakes. Songs such as 'Sweet Little Mystery transformed the audience from a group of mildly mannered sitting observers to full on looney jump-around party going dancing fans. It instantly changed the arena into a party like atmosphere.

'Goodnight Girl was a personal highlight for me, and judging by the sing-a-long from the audience it clearly was a favourite for most people. Marti Pellows vocals are still as good today as they were when it was first released back in 1991.

Their biggest selling single 'Love is All Around was saved for the encore. Marti allowed the crowd to sing a whole verse before the band kicked in and showed fans how it should be performed.

Towards the end of the show Mr Pellow mentioned that the band have had a great night and will hopefully return again soon. He gave the impression that the fans were the most important thing in the world to this band.

My only criticism of this gig was that from where I was sitting it sounded like a lot of the songs had been altered (albeit very slightly, from the originals) at first I thought this maybe due to Marti not being able to hit the notes correctly. However throughout the evening it was evident that Marti was still able to sing as well as he ever could. Therefore it may have been that the band felt like a change, however it was a change that in my opinion was not required. Wet Wet Wet provided a great evening of classic sing-along hits and entertainment. This is a feel good gig that guarantees you will walk away high on the happy side.

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article by: Luke Seagrave

photos by: Luke Seagrave

published: 17/12/2013 08:34