The Lexington, London on Wednesday 11 December 2013

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It's hard to remember when I first came across Sivu, otherwise known as James Page, but it was definitely a few years back, most likely in Cambridge where Sivu hails from. I do remember that ever since the first time I saw him play I have been hooked on seeing him as much as possible, he is a unique artist, in my opinion, with a voice that can mesmerise you with a few notes.

The last time I saw him was at a small venue called Servants Jazz Quarters and I was amazed to see most the crowd sitting on the floor for most of the gig. Tonight's show is at The Lexington, slightly larger in size but still a charming little intimate venue that I have been too once before and totally loved. I see the crowd haven't changed in that they are sitting down on the floor and start to wonder if this is the new way in which small gigs are going to be done from now on, I sure hope not!

At 9pm Sivu takes to the stage and most people stand up (not everyone though). He doesn't have all the members of his band tonight but Kirsty Mangan and Rachael Lander are with him to play the Violin and Cello and sing backing vocals. From the first song, 'Sleep', it is easy to see how Sivu catches the attention of an audience. Between the sound of the acoustic guitar and his soft voice it's hard not to stand up and take note, but to then hear the sweet sound of the Violin and Cello in and among it all is almost hypnotic and you soon realise you are hooked. The next 2 tracks, 'Bodies' and 'Cold Hands', ensure that you are going nowhere while this guy is on stage and I notice some of the crowd singing along with him.

Next up Sivu takes to playing alone for the tracks 'I Lost Myself', 'Miracle' and 'Family Tree', and Rachel and Kirsty take a break, but even without the Cello and Violin the music and voice will still have you listening with eager ears scared to miss a note. Rachel and Kirsty rejoin Sivu on stage for the last 2 songs, 'Over and Over' and 'Better Man', both of which are favourites of mine, and are soon serenading your ears and leaving you eager for more and wishing it wasn't over and that sets for all bands should be no less than an hour. In my opinion I think Sivu is destined for huge things and I only hope that I get to see a lot more of him before he starts playing arena dates!

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article by: Trina Back

published: 16/12/2013 09:25