New City Kings

The Bordeline, London on Thursday 28 November 2013

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So tonight I find myself at The Borderline in London, a nice little venue that I have frequented many times before and always found it to have a great sound and lights for each show, (as well as nice little club nights!) Due to work commitments I didn't get to watch the first bands on, my apologies to them.

Tonight's gig is a sell out. The band are New City Kings, formerly known as The Suburbians. These guys have come a long way since their first gig as The Suburbians at The Water Rats in 2010 and tonight's performance is evident that this band are going to be 'huge'.

The show kicks off with the track 'Breaking Away' - from the album 'Follow The Lights' release under the former name of The Suburbians, the audience are quick to get into the singing and energy of the show with this much loved tune. The same love and energy is felt when the guys perform their new track 'Swords and Canonballs' a brilliant and catchy track that has a great video to go with it which you can find on youtube.

Through out the show this band show how music should be played, with enthusiasm and energy that says 'we love doing this', mixing old and new tracks along the way, the set is powerful and hypnotic to even the new fans of the band. When Ben Konstantinovic goes into his lap tapping as a prelude to 'Breathe' I am left wondering how one person can be so talented, but as this track progresses it is more than apparent that the band as a whole are a very talented bunch. A drum solo from Ben Nyari during Breathe ensues and crowd surfers get going, singer Mark Konstantinovic joins in on the drumming to give it an even bigger kick and the crowd love it!

All the while this goes on the bass player Charlie Roberts is dancing along more than any bass player I know dances, and all with a smile on his face, it has never been so obvious on any band's faces as these guys that they LOVE playing live shows.

All too soon the guys announce their last song 'Throw Away Tonight' - a firm favourite of mine, and when Mark tells the crowd that now is the time to get on shoulders as the band take a photo, some of the crowd oblige. Again more crowd surfing ensues as the band play a flawless version of the track and leave the stage to thunderous clapping and cheers for more.

In response the guys come back on to do one more track, 'Red Dress', another classic from 'Follow The Lights', and again much loved by the crowd. Once that chorus breaks out, the whole room is singing, "Can you feel the beat in my chest, as you're dancing in your red dress."

Truly infectious rock music poured into an intimate London gig, with great sound and lighting and a band that love what they do, what more could you ask for ???

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article by: Trina Back

published: 03/12/2013 09:28